Private Counseling Sessions in Oakland

My approach helps you stay connected to your intuition and harness your strength while uncovering valuable insights about who you are. I see clients in my office in the East Bay in Oakland CA and I also offer video sessions.

Intuitive Counseling

A counseling session with me is like looking in the mirror and meeting yourself again through the eyes of unconditional acceptance. From that place, we will look at the parts of you that are asking for your attention. Our inquiry together will point you towards a deeper sense of peace which naturally occurs upon seeing the truths about yourself and life. I will also help you to live your life from a space of grounded understanding about who you are, what makes you happy, how to strengthen needed capacities, and build upon the ways you already thrive.

Somatic Counseling

My counseling style has a strong focus on self-honesty and grounded, gentle exploration. We will ask the right questions and see where healing is needed. Your body, thoughts, feelings, and patterning hold clear information about what needs to be seen, nurtured, and released. As we uncover important material, we work with it through talking, listening to the body, and allowing for transformation.

Subtle touch energy work can also be a great aid to the healing process.

Counseling for Trauma and Grieving

When we experience trauma our neural pathways develop patterns that make us consciously and unconsciously continue to relive the emotional response that the traumatic event created. It is possible to go into the memory of that trauma and rewire the way your brain is firing so that you no longer have the same patterned response. We do this using especially designed techniques and also through soul retrieval.

Grieving takes many forms but it has has one common element; our pain needs to be felt. If we do not feel our feelings, associated with loss, our feelings take hold in our unconscious mind and can begin to motivate us to make choices solely to protect us from feeling those feelings. Feeling our grief cannot be rushed and it deserves the greatest care and nurturing possible. I can help you navigate this delicate process with efficiency, intuitive skill, and self-love. 

Guided Meditation

Meditation can be used to help us access your inner world while doing counseling work together. We may use guided meditation to help you relax and release stress, understand your feelings, or be in dialogue with your body or different aspects of your psyche. It can also be helpful in exploring the dynamics with other people in your life and making tangible shifts in these relationships.

Meditation Instruction

The state of being you are searching for is already here, right now! Meditation is simply our way of discovering that. The type of meditation I teach is easy and can be done by anyone (even if you think you are bad at meditating). Visit my meditation page to delve deeper. I offer private and group meditation instruction in the Easy Bay in Oakland, CA.