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Erica Geller Jordan Counseling Oakland Ca East Bay

I have had a private counseling and healing practice in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001. I received my degree in art therapy and certificate of holistic healing studies from San Francisco State University and I am a certified Transgradient™ Counselor. I have also studied effective group communication and t-groups with Cross Cultural Communications Inc. 

Since 1993, I have studied Nondual, Vedantic and Buddhist meditation in the United States and in India, with teachers including Adyashanti, HH the Dalai Lama, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, and Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi). I am certified to teach meditation by the Surya Program in Asheville, North Carolina where I studied extensively from 1999 to 2006.

After practicing shamanic journeying for fifteen years, in 2016, I became a shamanic practitioner in Oakland, California. It is now the focus of my passion and studies.

I am also the author of the book Letters to America: A Chance For Us to Listen, the culmination of a five-year study of human interconnection.



Counseling Meditation Oakland Ca East Bay

"Erica is a profoundly gifted listener, and articulates complex and sensitive issues with astounding clarity. Working with her, it’s easy to access underlying motives and desires, which makes arriving at actionable solutions to problems seem almost effortless. Erica's ability to make one feel understood and supported is uncanny. Never do I feel like I’m being analyzed while working with her… A session with Erica offers all of the comfort and acceptance of talking to a best friend. It’s remarkable how much ground can be covered in a concise conversation with her."

Eric, Technology CEO, Los Angeles, CA

 "The journey that Erica led me on was beyond anything I could have imagined. She almost immediately tapped into a soft vulnerable spot that was a deep source of pain, helping me name it and face it, and eventually find my own wisdom to begin healing it. Our first session led to pages and pages of journaling- the first time I wrote like that in years- in attempt to hold onto and more deeply reflect upon the breakthroughs I had through our work together. She opened the doors to my cluttered mental closet and helped me sort out my inner chaos and conflicts. With her powerful presence, she created a sacred space where I felt seen and known by her, which enabled me to better see and know myself."

April, Program Officer at grant making foundation, Oakland, CA

 "By simply showing up, Erica creates a welcoming and relaxed environment for others in her presence. I value her ability to listen and reflect with me in order to help me derive a sense of wellbeing for myself. Her life knowledge and experience is deep, which contributes to her uncommon success in helping me realize my greater potential and to relieve the daily stress factors I encounter both in and outside the workplace.

Having known Erica for a dozen or more years, I have witnessed her natural gift for counseling and coaching.  She has cultivated that gift well over the years, in large part, by following a path that enriches her learning and her soul. Her very bright and quick mind is flexible enough to engage a variety of people. Her compassion for people is one of her greatest strengths. The results I have achieved through working with Erica are directly linked to her ability to translate and communicate at a meaningful level. She helps me face my issues in bite-sized pieces which has produced long-term success in my life. As a former business-owner and employer, I would also highly recommend Erica to work with employees who may benefit from her approach: Life’s stresses may be reduced while performance may be enhanced. Erica has a tremendous ability to coach people to use their own positive power."

Nancy, Business Development Executive, Piedmont, CA

 "Erica has the ability to see and feel beyond what has arisen on the surface of interpersonal relationship.   Not only is she a natural intuitive, she is able to see the solution in a situation and communicate it in a way that can truly be heard, understood and implemented.  She is neutral in a way that I truly appreciate trust.  She assisted me in seeing how I was stuck in an unhealthy pattern in my relationship and communicated it in a way that I could finally hear it.  I recommend Erica to anyone who is desiring loving, safe listening and honest, accurate feedback to create solutions in any area of their life."

 Leah, Vocal Coach, Petaluma, CA

 "Erica is a wise, intuitive and empathetic advocate and counselor. She blends thoughtful feedback with her own rich sense of humor, adding a touch of lightness to even the most intense conversations. Working with her has provided me tremendous amount of value including a deeper understanding of myself and my own path to wellness. If you are looking for guidance, clarity, insight or simply a supportive voice I highly recommend a session with Erica."

 Dan, VP / Executive Creative Technology Director, Boulder, CO

 "As a chiropractor, I know a lot of healthcare providers and Erica is one of the best. As soon as I walk into her office I feel so relaxed and taken care of.  She is such a wonderful caretaker and nurturing spirit.  I'm sighing right now as I am thinking about a session with her. She is also such a bright light and positive spirit. Now that I have used all the fluffy words that could be used for a therapist, I will now tell you that Erica can "bring it".  Her sessions are deep reaching and profoundly impactful.  She is courageous and intuitive and wise in her approach. It seems as if Erica has done a lot of personal growth and inward inspection of herself.  I can tell by the way she listens to me and the questions she asks.  She also has a great sense of humor and can totally crack me up with her sense of levity."

 Matt, Chiropractor, Oakland, CA

 "Erica really helps me a lot, for a number of reasons. She listens compassionately with her heart. She has a strong and comprehensive understanding of first hand experiences of loss, love, illness and pain, joy. I have always found her to be curious and proactive in finding meaning and purpose. She can bring laughter and tears to just about any situation. She is insightful and wise. Her spiritual training and understanding is very powerful."

 Mahnaz, Caltran District Airspace Agent, Oakland, CA

Erica is one of those rare people who can truly LISTEN and hold space. When she does offer wisdom or counsel, it is often in the form of a great question back to me. I have learned so much from my time with her and from all the tools she brings to the table. I recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in knowing themselves more deeply, and wants to feel truly loved and held in that process. She has helped me feel more settled in myself. She is special and I am so grateful to have found her!

Sirena Masket, CranioSacral Therapist in Oakland, CA

“I've worked with Erica periodically over the past seven years. During each session she powerfully helped me through my challenges and has given me self-regulation tools to cope that have continued to help. Her caring approach always makes me feel safe enough to delve into the places in myself that need my attention. She has helped me to make lasting changes and experience real growth. I highly recommend Erica for counseling!”

Jeffrey Magner, Bay Area Business consultant

“I highly recommend Erica for Shamanic healing. She is a highly skilled shamanic practitioner and her work has provided me with expert guidance that has had long lasting benefits for me and my family. I decided to try a soul retrieval with Erica because she was able to really help a friend of mine who had been struggling to heal from some past trauma. The days leading up to the soul retrieval, Erica asked me questions to gain familiarity with my life circumstances, and what kinds of issues I was dealing with. She helped me to engage and strengthen these aspects in a new way I had not done before.

Elon Bartlett, Chiropractor in Oakland, CA

Erica is the real deal! She brings a grounded presence to very deep work. As a shamanic practitioner she guides you through new realms always bringing you back to the root so you can create change in your life. I have seen Erica for years for intuitive guidance and shamanic work and I always leave feeling more centered and with profound realizations about my life. She brings me back to myself.

Shannon Hopkins, Intuitive Healing in Walnut Creek, CA